Face Painting

We use only the best FDA-approved paints and cosmetic glitters for a fun and safe experience! With 9 years experience, our speed and quality is sure to impress. Also available for UV/Blacklight/Glow parties! When booking, keep in mind we can paint about 15-20 designs per hour.

Balloon Twisting

We create balloon art using the best quality Qualatex balloons made of 100 percent biodegradable latex. We can make about 15-20 balloon creations per hour. 

Name Art

These custom works of art make a great party favor and last a lifetime! Each is hand-painted with the character or animal of your choice. We can make about 14-17 single-letter names per hour in-person, or you can order them ahead of time and have them mailed to your door! We can also mail fully-painted names or words. Contact us for more info and pricing! 2 hour minimum.


Watch as we create friendly cartoon versions of you and your guests! We can draw about 12-15 black and white faces per hour. 2 hour minimum.


These beautiful temporary tattoos are made from our own all-natural recipe of powdered Henna leaves, lemon juice, sugar, and lavender oil which creates a reddish-brown stain that lasts about 2 weeks. We can create about 12-15 designs per hour. 

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