Special Orders

Don't need an in-person artist but would still like some custom artwork? You can now order Name Art paintings or Digital Caricatures online!

Digital Caricatures

Send us a photo of the people you'd like included (up to 6 on one page) and we will email you a PDF and Jpeg of your custom caricature to print or post online! This is a digital item only, you will not receive a physical copy.


for the first face 


each additional face

Name ARt Orders

We will need the spelling of the name or word you'd like illustrated, as well as the theme you'd prefer (Popular themes include: Disney Princesses, Safari Animals, Ocean, Super Hero, Holiday, etc.). We will mail the paintings to your door, free shipping! 


Per letter (Fully Painted Names)


each single-letter illustration (5x7 size)


Fully Painted 


Single Letter